Special Issue on “RFID Sensor Fusion for Navigation of Robots and Vehicles”

Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Sensor Fusion for Autonomous Vehicles
  • RFID Sensor Fusion
  • Robot tracking and navigation
  • Emerging autonomous vehicles
  • Artificial Intelligence for RFID enabled Autonomous Vehicles
  • Navigation Techniques and Applications
  • Dynamic Object Following

  • Sensors for robots
  • Vehicles for Industry 4.0
  • Hybrid Methods
  • RF Vehicles in IoT applications
  • Vehicles for Smart City
  • Vehicles for Smart Agrifood and Smart Agriculture
  • Vehicles for Smart Warehouses

Submission Deadline is December 1, 2022

Special Issue on “Wireless Motion Capture and Fine-Scale Localization”

Topics include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Fine-scale Wireless Localizationand Navigation
  • RFID-based Positioning
  • Wireless Motion Capture Systems
  • Human Motion Tracking, Vital sign monitoring
  • Gesture Recognition
  • Real-Time Locating Systems
  • RF/mm-Wave Imaging based motion and position tracking
  • SAR and Radar-based Techniques
  • Doppler-Based Techniques
  • Tracking Techniques and Applications
  • RF Sensor Fusion
  • Hybrid Localization Techniques Machine Learning for RF localization
  • Artificial Intelligence for RF positioning
  • Vehicle, Drone, RobotPositioning, Tracking and Navigation
  • RF Localization in IoT applications
  • RF Localization for Industry 4.0
  • Localization enabling Smart Applications
  • Emerging positioning applications
  • Localization for Safety and Security
  • Positioning in Smart City
  • Positioning enabling Smart Healthcare
  • Localization for Smart Agrifood and Smart Agriculture

Submission Deadline is September 1, 2021