The Technical Committee (TC) on MoCap fosters research, development, training and dissemination of the art and science of the Motion Capture and Localization.  These TC areas of interest include, but are not limited to

  • Wireless Motion Capture Systems
  • Fine-scale RF Localization
  • Robotics and RFID
  • Tracking Applications
  • SAR and Radar-based Techniques
  • Space Based Localization
  • Auto-calibrating Location Schemes
  • RF Sensor Fusion Techniques
  • Vehicle Tracking and Navigation
  • Drone Detection
  • 3D and Attitude Recognition
  • Gesture Recognition
  • RFID-based Positioning
  • Doppler-Based Techniques
  • Drone Navigation
  • RF/mm-Wave Imaging
  • Hybrid Localization Techniques
  • RF Space-Debris Tracking
  • Fine-scale Navigation
  • Orientation or Angle of Tags
  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence for RF Localization


The mission of the TC-MoCap is to promote and facilitate research and publication in the IEEE related to motion capture and localization, and related fields.  TC-MoCap shall support organization of workshops/conferences, special sessions, special journal issues, learning materials, best practices, tutorials, sessions, webinars, and other educational resources related to the field of precise motion capture and wireless localization. TC-MoCap shall be involved in international standardization efforts and be a source of professional knowledge on state-of-the-art best practices and trends in the field, with the objective of becoming a center for this growing area. Furthermore, our goal is to stimulate growth of this specific TC within the CRFID to engage more members interested in the activities and to benefit from IEEE membership.


This initiative began with a highly successful workshop at IEEE RFID 2020.  Despite the pandemic and venue uncertainty, the workshop accounted for 1/3rd of the papers submitted and presented at the conference. 

With additional invited speakers and a keynote, there was a critical mass to form a Working Group on Motion Capture and Localization.  After running another highly successful call for papers in IEEE RFID 2021 (again accounting for 1/3rd of submissions), with plans for events at IEEE RFID-TA 2021 and IEEE WiSEE 2021, and a special issue proposal for IEEE JRFID, we were proposing to formalize the working group as a technical committee under IEEE CRFID.